Best Blender Under $50

Looking to buy the best blender under 50 dollar? If yes, then you are in the right place.

A blender is a must-have appliance for those who cannot live without icy drinks, shakes, and yummy smoothies. In the market, you can explore and find out multiple options for it. 

But you might want to invest in a product that meets your requirements from the standpoint of quality and budget. While you can get a quality product at a higher price, is it possible to get the best blender under $50? 

To get such a product, all you need is an in-depth research. Read on to know about the top six blender options that you can get without breaking the bank.

Our Picks: Best Blender Under $50

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Here is the Top 6 Best Blender Under 50 Dollar

#1 Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender-Best Choice

Do you want to equip your kitchen with a blender that can crush ice and help you make icy drinks or shakes with ease?

With its maximum capacity of 700 watts, Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender has both the power and ability to make it simple and easy for you. 

It is a fast and quiet blender that brings the benefit of different blades and speeds for users. As such, you can use it to perform a wide range of grinding tasks.

Hot Features:

Options and Features

On paper, the product comes with 12 distinct speed options. But in practical terms, it has two-speed features and different pulse choices.

Despite lacking variety for speed, it has multiple blade options to make blending a cakewalk for you.

Ease of use

Hamilton Beach 58148A has easy-to-operate speed controls. Running them isn’tisn’t complex, unlike most other blenders in the market, like the ones from the Vitamix brand. 

As much simple as it is to operate the product’s controls, it is also easy to clean. After using it, you can clean it by either using a dishwasher or manual cleaning option.


Horsepower of 700 watts, a powerful motor, and a 40 0z pitcher of the unit are good enough to help you perform most household tasks. It is sharp but does not have a huge power for heavier tasks. But it still delivers stellar performance for medium household tasks. 

While the market is replete with more powerful options than this unit, Hamilton Beach 58148A gives you value for money. You can crush ice; make juice and smoothies easily with this unit.


Do you have a small kitchen or an apartment? If yes, Hamilton Beach 58148A may be a slightly larger unit despite the manufacturer’s claim of a compact design of the product.

You can decide on purchasing the product based on the space available in the kitchen of your home.

  • Distinctive look
  • Stellar performance
  • Good value for money
  • The large size of the blender

Final thought:

Hamilton Beach 58148A delivers a stellar performance and meets the expectations of users on the other fronts. However, its size is slightly larger than a personal grinder.

#2 Mueller Austria Hand Blender -Best Budget

Mueller Austria Hand Blender is for those who wish to own a blender that performs all blending tasks without a fuss. It has as many as 23 different speed controls with which you can prepare different types of food. These include baby food, soups, smoothies, and more. 

In a nutshell, it is the product that facilitates users to prepare crush, puree, and blend. It has a lock chopper – both work in tandem to assist in functioning and cleaning.

Hot Features:

Options and features

The unit has a lock chopper, a beaker, and whisk attachments. It possesses the snap-on blending feature. Moreover, the lock chopper also includes a removable blade, due to which you can remove the blade at the time of cleaning and clean it easily. 

Regardless of the purpose, you wish to use the chopper, producing desirable results on any given day.

Ease of use

Mueller Austria Hand Blender is a smart appliance that has been designed to reduce the hassle of users. The immersion blender of the unit minimizes splashing as well as suction. As a result, you can conclude a wide range of tasks such as blending, chopping, whisking, and other tasks in quick time.


Mueller Austria Hand Blender provides 800-watts of power which is suitable for performing several mid-range tasks at home. It has the turbo boost feature using which, you can further increase the performance capability of the blender. 

To further boost the performance factor, the unit also has 12 different speeds. These features make blending simple and easy on any given day.


The size of the unit is 5 x 5 x 5 inches, which means it is compact. Thus, you can store it in small kitchens and apartments with lesser space.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sleek design
  • Powerful performance
  • The unit is likely to break down if not handled with care.

Final thought:

The unit delivers on all fronts, ranging from its appearance to performance. However, it needs careful handling by users. Otherwise, the unit may break down before its expected lifespan.

Therefore, careful consideration is necessary for those who wish to invest in a durable blending unit.

#3 NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor -High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor is a blending unit with the capacity to produce a decent output for making healthy smoothies.

It has powerful extractor blades made of steel to offer the desired output level for preparing smoothies at a medium scale. 

Hot Features:

Options and features

The unit comes with a 600-watt motor and a 24 0z cup. Besides, it also has a to-go lid, extractor blade, and a lip ring. Its blades move at high speed and are made of stainless steel.

It has a removable blade that can be twisted. Though the cups are made of plastic, they are BPA-free. The product also complies with the electrical standards of North America.

Ease of use

The unit works like a charm without much effort. All you need to do is load the unit with the foods for which you have a liking. After that, you can achieve your desired results by twisting, pushing, and blending the ingredients. 

It is dishwasher safe, and you can remove the blade. With these options, you can easily clean the unit after use.


The unit comes with a 600 motor base, a 24 oz cup, an extractor blade, a lip ring, and a to-go lid. These components will help you prepare smoothies with ease. 

It lacks the option of multiple speeds and pulses. Plus, the output of the unit isn’tisn’t too huge. So, it is not for handling heavier tasks. 


The dimensions of this item from NutriBullet are 11.61 x 6.85 x 12.28 inches. Thus, it is relatively larger than the other units that are available in the market. 

If you wish to factor in the angle of storage space for making your purchase decision, you can go ahead by taking into account the available space in the kitchen of your home.

  • The stainless steel blade is scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • The extractor blade helps in the quick pulverizing of food
  • Lacks the capacity to comply with the requirements of party-size blends

Final thought:

The unit gives good value for money with its performance and other features. However, it is only suitable for medium tasks and not for party-size blends due to its limited capacity. Also, it may lack consistency while making blends.

#4 Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender

This product from the Oster brand is made of plastic and stainless steel and delivers a power of 700/400 watts for blending tasks. 

Further, it has a 4-point design to simplify blending for users. Though the cups of the unit are made of plastic, they are BPA-free.

Each unit has 16 different speed options and a 2-ounce filler cap to help users get their desired results with blending.

Hot Features:

Options and features

The hallmark features of the unit include a motor that can produce 700 power watts, four blades made of stainless steel, and a four-point design. 

These two features come in handy for chopping vegetables with accuracy. Besides, it also has a graduated 2-ounce filler cap with accurate measurements. 

Ease of use

The unit is simple and easy to use; whether you wish to make zesty salsas, pureed soups, margaritas, or smoothies, all you need to do is press the right set of buttons. 

For loading the ingredients, the unit has a 5-cup-glass jar with the ability to resist scratches. The 2-ounce filler cap has measurements to help you load the items accurately for desired results.


For those who wish to get delicious and tasty meals, the Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender helps make a healthy smoothie. 

To assist users in making foods with consistency, the unit comes with a wide range of options from puree to pulse. According to the manufacturer, it can produce 10,000 smoothies and can last up to 10 years. But it may vary depending on how you handle the unit.


The unit measures 8.55 x 14 x 10.25 inches, which is neither too large nor too small. The feasibility of purchasing the product solely depends on the availability of storage space in the kitchen. You can assess the decision of buying the unit based on this point.

  • High-quality and scratch-resistant glass jar
  • Wide range of controls from pulse to puree
  • A 2-0unce filler cap with measurements for accurate performance
  • Buttons are likely to become dull over time.

Final thought:

Oster Blender gives value for money with its features for the price at which it comes. However, it is made of both plastic and steel. So, it is not for those who want a blending unit that is solely made of steel.

#5 BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG Blender

BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG Blender is a blender with a motor capable of delivering an output of 600 watts. At this output, and with the help of its components, you can crush ice and several other solid items.

It is a multifunction blender with a quad pro blade that offers versatility to users.

Hot Features:

Options and features

BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG Blender comes with a 6-cup glass jar and a motor that can deliver a power output of 700 watts. It has a 4-speed setting, which enables users to perform blending-related tasks at different speeds. 

From a technological standpoint, it features a 4-tip QuadPro blade. Together with the shape of the jar, the blade transports the loaded items for desirable blending outcomes. Being dishwasher safe, the product is easy to clean.

Ease of use

Operating the blending machine is simple and easy. You can easily load the contents in the glass jar. The intuitive buttons help control speed to make shakes, smoothies, and other kinds of foods. 


The power output capability of 700 watts, the speed controls, and the other components of BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG Blender makes it a product that provides value for money. 

Apart from robust and fast blending, the unit is also versatile for several blending tasks as you can make several foods using this modern blending machine.


The product’s dimensions are 7.68 x 6.1 x 15.67 inches which are slightly larger than the other units available in the market.

  • 4-tip blade based on quad pro technology
  • Versatile for performing several tasks
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Four speeds
  • It lacks the best design and is prone to leaking at the bottom.

Final thought:

BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG Blender produces decent performance in terms of the price at which it is available in the market. However, it may cause leaking-related issues. Plus, there are blending units with better designs from other brands.

#6 Ninja 400-Watt Blender

The Ninja 400-watt blender is a product that can at best be described as power in hands.

From helping you prepare cream smoothies to chop vegetables, it performs all sorts of blending tasks with an amazing performance.

Whether you want to make a puree, chop vegetables, or make a blend, you can bank on the blending machine on any day.

Hot Features:

Options and Features

The highlights of the blender include 4-speed control options, a 700-watt capacity, and a plastic body. It also has a hinged ingredient slot to facilitate the addition of solids and liquids. Besides, it also includes manual components and a glass jar that favours spill-free pouring. 

Ease of use

Operating the unit is simple and easy; the ergonomic power pod of the unit, which can produce 400 watts of power, works consistently to switch between the chopper bowl with the capacity of 16 oz and a pitcher with a pitcher the capacity of 48 oz. Further, you can make use of the pulsing buttons to get consistent results.


Ninja 400-watt blender is perfect for crushing into the snow without waiting for a long time. It does the job in just a few seconds. It is designed to provide you with consistent results: you puree, blend, chop, dice, and mince the ingredients. 


The dimensions of this blender are 11 x 12.25 x 7 inches which means that it is a large unit similar to the Nutribullet NBR and thus can be considered to be introduced in your kitchen, taking into account the size and space of your cooking heaven. 

  • Power pod with the capacity of 400 watts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Splash guard featuring anti-spill technology
  • One-touch pulsing ergonomic operation
  • Inadequate power generation capacity of the motor

Final thought:

The product has all the features for the making of a low-cost feature-rich blending product. However, it does not produce a huge output. It is only for lighter tasks and not for heavier assignments.

Buyer’s Guide Of Best Blender Under $50:

While buying the best blender under $50there are various factors that you cannot skimp on while making a purchase decision. So here is what you need to look for while purchasing a kitchen blender:


Who won’twon’t like to get a blender that can serve a decent period without showcasing a pricey price tag? And, that is exactly what you need to look for.

You should consider buying a blender that comes at a reasonable price and also serves you for a prolonged period at the same time. 

Cleaning up:

May it be a handheld blender or a countertop blender, getting one that can save you from high-end cleaning can be a savior. Thus go in for blenders that allow easy cleanup and are dishwasher safe.


Blenders that can be purchased for under 50 dollars usually are available with a power rating that goes up to 1000 watts that can be easily brought into use for basic blending purposes.

Further, the power rating varies depending on the size of the blender, and thus you can choose one depending on the size. 

One can consider buying personal blenders with a 200-watt or more power rating as they can easily cater to basic home blending purposes and can get you smoothies and drinks ready in minutes.

Noise level:

Nobody likes to hear that vroom-room noise when you switch on a blender, and hence it is imperative to look for the noise level before you take back a blender home. The higher the power wattage, the higher will be the noise produced. 

Therefore, you need to chalk out the equation between watt and noise well to purchase a blender that does not tend to irritate you while you use it. 


The flexibility offered in blenders that comes with a speed setting adjustment allows the user to vary the speed as per the need for crushing the ingredients.

Thus opting for a blender that comes with a speed setting can prove highly advantageous to blend different ingredients at variable speeds to get your work done in minutes.

FAQ’s of Best Blender Under $50

Q1. How many watts are enough in a blender?

Ans: If you are looking for a handheld blender, always go in for one that has more than 100-watt power. On the contrary, if you are purchasing a countertop blender, then a 500-watt power blender is enough to meet your blending needs.

Q2. Is Oster or Hamilton Beach a better blender?

Ans: Though both the blenders have their pros and cons to list down, Oster blenders stand out to be a winner compared to each other, especially in terms of durability.

Q3. Are glass or plastic blenders better?

Ans: While making an honest comparison between the two, glass blenders are far better than plastic blenders due to some good reasons.

Plastic blenders can accrue scratches over time and may also tend to retain food odours. 

So, if you made a mango smoothie last night using a plastic blender, the chances are that the next time you take it out, you can get to smell the odor of mangoes.

Also, glass blenders are more durable than plastic ones and thus find primary usage.

Q4. How can you keep a blender well maintained?

Ans: There are various ways in which you can prolong the life of the blender by maintaining it right; here are a few of them:

  • Detach all the accessories before you clean it
  • When you are not using the blender, make sure that it is kept in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not use the blender if at all its cord or plug is damaged
  • Never immerse the accessories such as cord, plug, the motor of the blender in water for cleaning purposes, and use a damp cloth to clean the blender’s exteriors.
  • Always store the blender in a dry area that is free from moisture.

Q5. Is a blender the same as a juicer?

Ans: No, blenders and juicers can be considered similar, but they are not the same in every aspect. Both the devices get you tasty and nutritious drinks out of vegetables and fruits, but the end product is not the same. 

When you use a juicer, you tend to remove the fibrous material and are left with only the juice. But when you use a blender, you get a mixture of fibrous fibers and pulp as well. 


Blenders come across with varied capabilities for making milkshakes, soups, and smoothies. Some units are also capable of chopping vegetables.

If you are looking for the best blender under $50, then you can go for one of the top units as given above.

Unless your kitchen has storage space-related limitations, you might want to go with Hamilton Beach 58148A for its ease of use and performance features. If you add up all its features, you will find that it is a value-for-money product. 

However, the final discretion of choosing an item from the list rests with you. Compare the features of each of the units and consider all your requirements to make an informed decision.


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