Breville BES870BSXL The Barista Express Coffee Machine review

Breville’s Barista BES860XL makes the best espresso with its integrated burr grinder and dose control. 

In less than two minutes, the perfect espresso is made from pure coffee beans.

Despite being an automatic espresso machine, I can attest that the grind size can be adjusted very creatively for the quality of your espresso.

What to Consider When Choosing an Espresso Machine?

No one can choose between a pure espresso machine or an espresso machine with a coffee maker. There are all kinds of coffee shops that serve great espresso, cappuccino and lattes.

Eventually, I realized that it would be more convenient to invest in a machine that can make all the coffee varieties I like in the comfort of my home. It is, however, wise to think about certain factors before rushing to acquire one. For example:

  • Type of Machine
  • Design and Technical Specs
  • Unique Features

Type of Machine:

With an automatic grinder, the Breville BES860XL Machine with a Barista Express is an automatic machine. 

Despite the automation, you are still able to create the coffee you like and can customize it however you like.

You can adjust tamping pressure, grind size, and other settings to make an espresso tailored especially for you even if it’s an automated machine.

Due to the fact it is not a super-automatic model, you still have to perform manual operations, such as placing the port-a-filter in the group head and cleaning it.

Design and Technical Specs:

It is designed both for innovation and for functionality, which makes it a two-in-one Espresso Machine. For those who need the perfect cup of crema quite often, it has non-pressurized single-wall filters as well as dual-wall filters.

A magnetized lock in the storage provides the user with the option of emphasizing personal preferences. Additionally, there is an incorporated tamper. 

The following are some other technical details about the Breville Barista Express BES860XL Machine with Grinder:

  • Feature Dual-Wall Créma System
  • Sealed Bean Hopper
  • Triple Prime
  • Integrated Conical Burr Grinder
  • 360° Swivel Steam Wand with Froth Enhancer
  • Concealed Storage Compartment

Unique Features:

It stands out not only for its beauty and elegance but also for the many features it provides. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the most important of them.

15 Bar Italian-Designed Thermoblock Pump:

It features a 15 Bar monoblock pump, which mechanically pumps 3 bursts of hot water to the filter head. This enables both the espresso and coffee grounds to expand.

The feature is clearly advantageous for people who want to optimize their coffee grind.

Dry Puck Feature:

Almost all espresso machines have problems with a wet and very poor grind. In contrast, the dry puck feature on Breville Barista means no more excess liquid or water in your espresso cup.

Integrated Conical Burr Grinder:

Burr grinders offer a very elastic control of your grind. Additionally, the grinder is easy to use and maintain, and you can grind up to a specific amount or volume of beans.

Dual Wall Crema System:

You can enjoy the best crema possibly only able to produce a newbie thanks to the integration of a dual wall system. No matter if you have no prior experience in making espressos, it works as if it is a well-oiled machine.

Programmable and Manual Settings:

Every espresso drinker has the advantage of two possible situations (programmable and manual), offering them flexibility when it comes to making a cup of coffee. 

Since you might need to get a cup really fast at some point or perhaps be more creative with the manual settings next time around, it’s even twice the fun.

360° Swivel Steam Wand With Froth Enhancer:

A variety of hot beverages can be made with this coffee and espresso maker, which can be used to make a barista-themed froth impossible to produce with other coffee machines.

How About the Price:

The Breville Barista Express is sold online at a variety of prices for a list price of $799. Alternatively, it is available for purchase through the company’s website for about $600.

There’s also Amazon, which costs slightly less than $500, so a good choice of course.

User and Customer Reviews:

The majority of people who bought the machine have nothing but positive things to say about it. Here are some reviews from customers:

  • “The Barista Express is a finely engineered machine.”
  • “I would say that it is the best out there for this kind of product under $1500.”
  • “It provides the best and most reliable service, not to mention the ability to produce the finest shots.”
  • “The entire interface and usability of the machine is terrific!”
  • “It is the best thing that happened to coffee espresso machines.”
  • “I was kind of scared and worried about getting it at first but the moment I laid my hand on it, everything is really worth it.”
  • “It gives me delicious, rich, and very thick crema.”

Any Complaints?

There is a common complaint about this machine that the grinder usually jams and that it is hard to clean after.

For beginners, producing hot temperatures might seem like a very tough task. However, there is a manual specifically about temperature control in the manual.

It is remarkable, however, that so few users have voiced out complaints about the product.

Where to Buy the Breville Barista Express BES860XL Machine?

If you’re looking for the best online deal, Amazon is clearly the best option. However, there are other e-commerce sites as well that offer the same product should there be no more stocks available on Amazon or the official website.

What’s important in choosing your online store is the price, warranty, and shipping charges.

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