Vitamix Blender Reviews

Awed by the perfect blended drinks at the smoothie shops? With VitaMix Blenders, it is possible to create that even and consistently blended drink right in your own kitchen.

VitaMix offers a wide variety of blenders that can be used for different purposes i.e. some are exclusively designed to be used as a juicer and some are apt for blending soups.

We have picked up the best blenders from the house of VitaMix based on customer reviews and feedbacks.

VitaMix CIA Professional Series Variable-Speed – This blender is powered by more than 2 horse power motor and its dimensions are 7 1/5 x 8 4/5 x 20. The plastic jar has a 64 ounce capacity and comes with a metal base for proper coordination with the metal of the blender.

The blades can rotate up to a speed of 240 miles/hr and which results in a great blending experience in minutes. The variable control dial helps in adjusting the speed as per the requirement and the base of the blender is a nonslip one to provide secure footage on the counter. Used by professional chefs for blending purposes, it is priced at $514.99

VitaMix CIA Professional Countertop Blender with Platinum – It is another countertop model with the blades chopping at a speed of 240 miles/hour which has the capability of liquefying solid foods in a matter of seconds.

The all metal construction provides it durability and gives it a long lasting casing. Not just durability but this VitaMix Blender is also designed keeping the style quotient in mind; it is given a platinum tint to make it appear elegant and edgy.

The 64 ounce jar is made of polycarbonate material imparting it strength and tenacity. The blender comes with an instruction manual and DVD to educate the users of its precise handling and correct usage. It is priced at $498.95

VitaMix Blender 1700 TurboBlend 4500 Countertop – It is a two speed model and the trademark 2+ horse power motor is thermally protected preventing it from getting heated even at higher temperatures.

The stainless steel blade has the characteristic of rotating fast and cutting different textured food items in a matter of seconds.

One distinct feature is the polycarbonate pitcher which is much larger than those present in normal blenders, making it possible to blend a larger quantity at one go, it also has a locking lid to prevent leakage. The blender is priced at $378.95

VitaMix 1300 Blender TurboBlend 4500 – This is the most user friendly blender out of all the others, the control switches are placed conveniently for easy access.

It can be used for about any thing that requires a blending. Along with blending, you can also chop and grind in this blender; it is like a three in one equipment catering efficiently to all three major cooking requirements. Durable and a multi purpose blender, it is priced at $398.95.

VitaMix blenders have been catering to the blending needs of professional chefs all over the world, and with a VitaMix in your kitchen, you can turn into a professional too!

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