Zero Water Filter Reviews 2020

Drink healthy water is important to our health. A lot of diseases associated with water, so always take clean and healthy water.

Today we are going to share with you the zero water filter reviews. Zero water is one of the most popular and best water filter pitcher brand in the market. 

Only zero water promises to leaves 000 dissolved solids from your drinking water. Isn’t it interesting?

Zero water filter is popular for its Portability and inexpensiveness. Zero water removes most contaminants and it’s more effective at filtering.

Zero water is certified by NFS to reduce lead and other heavy metals. It consumed only hydrating, pure and clean water, which is the best source for your family.

We all know that every product has its good or bad outcomes. Let’s find out their expertise, pros and cons.

ZeroWater ZD018, 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher:

There are so many Zero water filter pitcher model available in the market. One of them is a zero water ZD018, 23 cup water filter pitcher. 

With ZeroWater, you can get a water dispenser, filtration system, Electronic Tds water testing Meter and one cartridge, which removes the contaminants that cause water to an annoying taste.

The design of this product is quite interesting. It has a five stages filtration process that removes 2x TDS versus leading competitors.

Let’s see every stage:

Stage 1: At the first stage, they remove all suspended solids like dust, rust that makes your water cloudy.

Stage 2: In the second stage, they remove all the additional suspended solids.

Stage 3: In the 3rd stage, remove all the contaminants like mercury, chlorine, chloramine.

Stage 4: In the 4th Stage, removes all the organic compounds like metals, nonmetals and radiological contaminants.

Stage 5: it removes the remaining suspended solids and holds the resin in place.

According to the zero water brands, only the technology in which a water filtration system removes 99% of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

If we talk about their dimension(14.96 x 5.51 x 10.63 inches), it’s quite larger than other filters.

The weight is only 3.96 pounds. It’s such a lightweight product. Also, the capacity of this model is it’s held on 23 cups of filtered water.

  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s BPA Free
  • Large capacity pitcher
  • It does not have Comfort Grip Handle
  • It’s not a Space-Saving Design

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher:

Let’s jump on to the next model zero water ZP-010, 10 cups pitcher. This is the highest best water filter pitcher on the market. Why I use it and why I think it’s a great product to provide clean drinking water to yourself and to your family.

Clean drinking water should be very important to you, but it is even more important to your kids because they don’t weigh as much you might be 200 pounds, but your kids might not even be 1/4 of that weight which means their bodies just can’t handle as much of the toxins of the pesticides.

So the prescription medications that are found in the water, even though they’re found in trace amounts again, your kid’s systems can’t handle as much of those trace amounts as you can so four and a half years ago.

When I had my child, I got concerned about my drinking water, and I switched from a Brita filter, a two-stage filter, to a zero water pitcher, a five-stage filter.

It is triple the filter size between the Brita, and the zero water pitcher comes with a measuring device to measure the particles per million. When I measured my tap water and Dracut Massachusetts here, it came in at ninety, which is a pretty good country compared to the rest of the country.

This pitcher is similar to the first one. It is made of plastic. It’s also a 5 stages filtration process that is certified by NSF.

If we talk about the size then it’s 12.25 x 6 x 11.63 inches, it’s smaller than the first one. The weight of this filter pitcher is only 1 pound.

As you know this filter is 10 cup 2.3 Liters capacity and include a water quality meter. You can easily check your water level through the meter. 

One thing I don’t like about this pitcher that is Space-Saving Design, you can’t fit this filter pitcher to your kitchen or apartment.

Let’s see the pros and cons of this pitcher.

  • BPA free
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Filter doesn’t last long.
  • Slow at filtering water.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Does ZeroWater remove fluoride?

Ans: Yes, Zero Water remove fluoride. When we tested the fluoride level of water, then we have seen in 0.6 ppm to 0.0 ppm. After research, we surprised and knew that it does remove.

2. Is zero water healthy?

Ans: Yes, Zero water is absolutely healthy because it has a 5-Stage water filtration process, and it removes all the dangerous substances like lead, asbestos and mercury. Overall it’s pure and safe.

3.How long do ZeroWater filters last?

Ans: Zero water filters are cost around $39 and with a replacement cost of about $13. The Filter last between 3-5 months.

4. Is zero water reverse osmosis?

Ans: No, Absolutely not. It contains ion-exchange resin and activated carbon.

5.Does ZeroWater remove bacteria?

Ans: Yes, Zerowater remove bacteria. It removes 100% of the chlorine form the water.


That’s it for today. I hope you like our zero water filter reviews. I highly recommend that your dad looks into your water try to test your water to see the quality of the water that you’re getting, and if you’re using a filter, test the filtered water to see the quality of the water.

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